Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up & Tot School Combo: The One Where I Drove to VBS 20 Times

As you might have guessed, it was Vacation Bible School week at our church.  And as much as I would like to say that the number of times that I drove there was an exaggeration, it wasn’t I actually drove there 20 times over the course of five days.

This year, they did a VBS for the twos through pre-k too.  The younger VBS was in the morning and the the elementary VBS was in the evening and that meant, with having a three and ten year old, that I got to go twice.  Let this be a lesson to all to have your kids close together.  Saves on gas.  LOL

Our church has 2 sites; one site leases a school on the weekend and holds services there.  The other site leases a permanent building, but it’s not very large.  With 170 kids between the two programs there was no way to do them both at the same time.  Although it would have THRILLED ME BEYOND BELIEF to drop them both off and have time to myself for a couple of hours.  I’ve heard that time to ones self is really great. 

The kids had a blast!!  I wasn’t too sure that Kayleigh was going to make it on that first day though.  It was loud, crowded, and none of her teachers were from our church.    I left her standing like a deer in head lights.  I was half expecting a phone call saying to come and get her.  Thankfully, her group had snack rather early on and if there’s one way to reach Kayleigh, it’s through snack. LOL

At the end of the week, they performed the songs that they’d been learning.  Kayleigh missed half of her show because she decided to go to the bathroom the minute her foot hit the stage.  Stinker!!

DSC_0064 2redoDSC_0067 2redo

Mackenzie managed to “hold it in” until she was done performing.  LOL

DSC_0183 2redoDSC_0198 2redo

In other news, we did lunch with our buddies and hit the library for one of their make & take crafts and a science activity. 


The craft was silly.  A pair of giant” sunglasses” to decorate. 


The science experiment was LAME.  Not because it wasn’t a good experiment but because the kids didn’t get to participate.  They didn’t even get to watch it being done before their eyes.  And the experiment was done incorrectly so it hadn’t worked very well for those in charge. LOL   I called it immediately.  We might do it ourselves later this week if I remember. 

We also gave Kayleigh a chance to not be the baby for a day.  We babysat our little neighbor.  Kayleigh was torn between being excited that Jordyn was here or annoyed that Jordyn was here and was younger than her. LOL

DSC_0026 2a

Kayleigh brough out some tot tools and attempted to do “Tot School” with Jordyn.  It didn’t go exactly as Kayleigh had hoped.  Ha!!!  That’s karma for you little stinker. LOL

DSC_0034 2redoDSC_0041 2a

Mackenzie did get in a little learning with a new game, Wise Alec Family Trivia Game'>Wise Alec.  It would seem she needs a little spelling refresher. LOL

DSC_0046 2redoDSC_0048 2DSC_0052 2redo

And that was our last full week of summer vacation.  As of this posting we have officially started, part-time, our 2011-2012 school year.   Woot!

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

That game looks interesting! (Nope! I can't buy anymore this year! LOL) Looking forward to reading about your first week back (even part-time)! I'm thinking of starting around 9/6. (Is that the day after Labor Day? LOL) STILL waiting for some curriculum though! It's supposed to arrive tomorrow!

Hodgepodgemom said...

I am officially giving you the 'I drove to VBS the most times this summer' award!! Wow. What a busy, full week! Congrats on a first day of school this week. I love starting out part time.

Rachel said...

Looks like you had a great week! Love those large dice type blocks -- very curious where you got them.

And, I too, am impressed you started school already. I just cannot. That might be because I live in Minnesota and summer is way too short up here. We simply must be outside as long as possible -- before it freezes up!

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