Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alphabet Maze Printables

Last year, to my surprise, Kayleigh did fantastic on her uppercase letter recognition.  It wasn't something I had expected her to master but, in true Kayleigh form, she rarely does as expected. LOL

So this year we're going to work a bit on lowercase letter recognition.  In an effort to promote that skill, I created these alphabet mazes for her.    

You start at the green box and follow the focus letter until you get to the red box.  There are many different ways you could do this.  You could use do-a-dot markers and stamp your way through the maze, put the sheet in a page protector and use dry erase markers to circle or mark off the letters, cover the letters with gems, pom poms or other objects of your choice.  Whatever tickles your child's fancy.  I think the next time we do this, we're going to try the gems.

I have finished all 26 letters and have uploaded them to 4 Shared for you to download.  Just click on the maze at the top of the page if you're interested.

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