Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: The one Where I have trouble keeping up with Weekly Wrap-Ups

I am just having so much trouble getting my WWU done in a timely manner.  I think Friday is just not a good day for me. LOL  Although, the last two weeks have been extra crazy with 2 birthdays and 2 parties. Maybe I'll have better luck next week when we're less busy.

Things of interest over the last two weeks:

We're still studying World War I in history.  I had no idea just how much I didn't know about WWI.  It's crazy.  We're working on a WWI lapbook from Hands of A Child and Mackenzie is just LOVING me because I paid an extra $2 so that she could just type her info into the PDF form instead of writing it all by hand. LOL  I rock!!!!

She is a really fast typist, considering she basically hunts and pecks.  It's quite amazing actually, but after seeing that I realized that she needs to learn to type so we're back to doing the Dance Mat typing lessons so you can learn properly.  In fact, I'm going to enter it into HST so she can't forget to do it. LOL

We're on a bit of a hiatus from our regular science, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, while we wait for the weather to be consistently warm.  We're about to start studying insects so we need some to study. LOL  So Mackenzie continues to work on her "research" paper.  Up to this point we've been working on how to write a report and practicing the skills needed to write one, things like note taking and such.    This week we headed to the library and got some books on her topic, Emperor Penguins.  She read for books this week and took notes on each of them.   She said that she likes taking notes because you don't have to worry about complete sentences. LOL

She finished her current reader, All of a Kind Family, early.  Like over a week early.  I guess she like it. LOL  Our currently read aloud is Cheaper by the Dozen and, occasional bad language aside, it's cracking us up.  I just adjust the language to our liking.   We'll watch the movie when we're finished.  Our of all the book/movie combinations that I've ever read/watched,  this one is the least like the book.  The title of the book and the number of children are the only similarites.

She continues to flourish at piano.  She's working on sharps and flats so that's been more of a challenge and slowed her down a tad.  And that's okay because she's only got a couple of more songs in the book. LOL

She scored her first basket during her last basketball game.  And I managed to get pictures.  Yay!!!

The most interesting thing about the last two weeks has been the weather.

Snow one day...

4 days later...70's

Welcome to Virginia Beach!  LOL

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Kympossible said...

I have trouble keeping up with WWU too. Those penguin books looked familiar - I think Landon used both of them when he did his report on penguins a couple years ago. ;-)

Kattie said...

I can relate to your weather roller coaster, I am in Ohio :) But the warm weather was awesome, while it lasted!!
I have struggled with my WWU's too! What I found works for me is working on last week's stuff this week and posting it for my wrap up. So I am a week behind, but that gives me time to upload pics and everything thoughout the week, instead of just on friday :)


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