Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homeschool Days at Jamestown Settlement

We had a fun field trip on Wednesday to Jamestown Settlement.  While it was a “review” for us, as we studied this time period last year, it was too good a deal to pass up.  Plus it was a fun time with friends.

We participated in a 2-hour guided tour of the settlement and a one hour class on the cultures in the area.

First we studied the Powhatan culture. 

We got to see a Powhatan dance circle, with the ornate carvings.  Historians don’t really know exactly what the tribe did here but it’s fun to imagine.

DSC_0526redo DSC_0528redo

We got to check out a traditional Powhatan dwelling, inside and out.  I’d like to tell you what it’s called but I can’t remember. LOL

We learned about what life as a Powhatan child was like.  What they wore (NOTHING!), their hair styles (BALD!), some of their chores and training (started at age 3 and included many things, like scraping hides.)

We got to board a replica of the Susan Constant.

Visit with re-enactors

Try our hand at making a canoe Powhatan-style, with fire and shells.

We got to check out a colonial fort.

They got to try on some “soldier gear.”

DSC_0656redo DSC_0655redo

Lastly, we saw a musket demonstration.  That guy had the best job. LOL

On his second shot, I got the picture I was striving for…Fire in the Hole!!!



Alicia said...

What an amazing field trip!! I am so jealous. We would love to get up that way one day with the kids. Field trips like this just bring history to life.

Have a great weekend!

Theresa said...

We were just there in August! Great place!!

Kympossible said...

I would love to visit Jamestown!! it looks very similar to historic St Mary's City here in Maryland. We've visited there a few times and it is always a favorite for my kids.


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