Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Family and Dog Overload

It's time for the Weekly Wrap-Up, hosted by Kris. Or it was yesterday. LOL I'm late.

We've had a crazy week and it's going to remain that way for the next couple.

First, we were dog sitting for two weeks. We don't really enjoy pets, to put it mildly, so that was a challenge. This particular dog wasn't terribly bad, except when it was time to go for a walk. He's a runner and doesn't do well on a leash. And he wasn't the brightest. I had him for two weeks and couldn't teach him any tricks. And for someone who doesn't enjoy pets, I have a knack for teaching dogs tricks. (It's such a waste on someone who doesn't enjoy pets.) The last dog I owned could do the standards (sit, lay, shake, speak) plus dance, beg, and sing "My Country 'tis of Thee." Poor Charlie, couldn't master even shake. Bless his heart.

We all survived though. Although I've vacuumed, swept, swiffered, and mopped and so far all I've done with the dog hair is push/blow it around our wood floors. The only thing I hate more then wood floors are wood floors with a dog on them. Sigh...

Now we're enjoying family invasion time. It's rare that anyone actually visits us. They always expect us to do the traveling. (So much fun with a toddler who hates the car.) But a big event can sometimes get them to come.

Well to be fair, my dad and step-mom do come every year for the big Liberty Tax convention. So they're here now. Leaving tomorrow and coming back for a night next week for the Big Event.

In this case my husband is retiring after 21 years in the Navy (Woot!), so it was easy to guilt his mom into coming. If only she hadn't brought that ill-mannered puppy. LOL Yes that's right we got rid of one only to have replaced with a naughty one. It jumps, nips, chews. I'm afraid it's going to revert my toddler back in to fearing dogs. Thankfully, it's staying at Kevin's brother's for the weekend but it'll be back on Monday. On the bright side, by the time it leaves, it will be trained to stay off furniture. If I accomplish nothing else next week, I will accomplish that. =o)

Then next Thursday my mom arrives. She doesn't know my dad's going to be at the ceremony yet. She's still bitter about the divorce from 24 years ago. Pray for me!

I guess I should talk about homeschooling some. LOL

Despite the arrival of my father mid-week, school went on as scheduled. He's been at the tax convention.

Science done! Math done, except for final tests. History will be done next week. (If we actually get a chance to do school with my in-laws here.) Aside from that we have 2 read alouds and one reader to finish. Then we're totally finished hooray!!!!! Mackenzie's so excited that she's reading school books right now.

Good bye third grade!!!

Since I'm in a hurry no pictures this week. And I got a few nice ones of Charlie. For all that he's furry and smelly, he's cute. He's a Shiba Inu (spelling?) and is red like a fox with a curly tail. The tail is very cool from the side but not so much from the rear because his "third eye" is always staring you down. Ick!

Wow, this post was a lot of rambling about nothing. =o)


ChristinaB said...

WoW what a week!! Dogs(stinky) and in laws (can be stinky hehe) and a hubby retiring(def. not stinky!)
and homeschool wrapping up (again Def. not stinky!) :0)
Hope next week is a great week!


Loving Our Homeschool said...

I always forget that we share a mutual hatred of wood floors. LOL Good luck with the doggy training. :)

See Jamie blog said...

Congrats on your hubby's upcoming retirement, and glad you survived dog week. ;)


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