Sunday, June 27, 2010


Weasley was one of our many recent house guests. He was very cute, although certainly not the best behaved. Very much like Kayleigh. LOL

Although he's gone now, yay, in a way he lives on. Kayleigh has always liked to pretend that she's a dog, even when she was terrified of them. She'll "sit pretty", beg, pant, bark and lick. Weasley has inspired her dog behavior even more. Now she licks you then bites you. Thank you, Weasley for making Kayleigh's play more realistic.

At anyrate, I decided to remember Weasley the way that I like dogs best. In photographs. You get all of the cuteness and none of the smell, clean up, property damage, or wounds. The perfect dog, imo. LOL

So I made a scrapbook page of him for my mother and father-in-law because they love that little mutt despite it's deviant ways. More than they love the grandchildren I think. I'm going to print it and frame it for them. Or maybe do a few pages and make them a little scrapbook. I did take quite a few pictures of the furry beast. Merry Christmas!

I used the latest template from Confessions of A Homeschooler for the layout. I removed the butterflies to make it more doglike. Plus Weasley barked at butterflies and I found that annoying so I'm trying to block that out.

Most of the paper and embellishments came from a Scrapbook Max kit. I got the pawprint paper free from Digi Scrap Depot.

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