Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tot School

Kayleigh is currently 20 months
Tot School

Tot School this week was pretty much, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. (What does that mean anyway? LOL) At anyrate, I really did no planning.

Kayleigh's favorite thing to do this week was read books. She generally likes them but this week she couldn't get enough.

One of her favorites this week was sissy's science book, The Usbourne Book of Everything. She liked the pages about monkeys. I'm going to have to submit this one to the Sonlight catalog.

This book on signing from the library was also a favorite. There were even some signs she didn't know yet.

Our only fall theme related project was reciting "5 little pumpkins" and then putting pumpkin stickers on a printed gate. She did a surprisingly good job of getting the stickers where I pointed. She colored for about 60 seconds too. However her main attraction was balancing her crayons on their ends and lining them up. That wasn't surprising because she rarely wants do an activity they way I have imagined it. LOL Her ideas are always better. Or so she tells me.

Another day, I thought that she would LOVE throwing bean bags into a halloween bowl. She does enjoy throwing things any other time.

First of all, she was not standing at all. She insisted on sitting. Right next to the bowl. She spent about 10 seconds dropping a few in.

So Big sis took time from her own school work to demonstrate how fun it is to throw bean bags into a bowl. Kayleigh then demonstrated how she only enjoys throwing things if it's against the "rules." LOL That was the end of bowls and bean bags.

She then moved on too...correcting sissy's work.

Kayleigh thought that Mackenzie did a good job.

Thursday was a busy day for field trips. We were going to a corn maze in the morning and then to see the Declaration of Independence that was visiting our library.

I thought she would LOVE the maze. For starters, I wasn't going to keep her in the stroller or the the sling. I was going to give her some limited freedom. I thought she'd happily race through the maze because she was so thrilled to be on her feet. I figured she'd be bored out of her mind while we went to the library.

As usual, I know nothing. LOL

I knew that Kayleigh did not like corn as a food source. But what she really HATES is dead corn standing in rows. I mean loathes it. Finds it terrifyingly "ske-ee."

I knew we were in trouble the minute we stepped in. Firstly because it was muddy. Secondly, because Kayleigh was not happy walking with the "big kids." She'd normally scream and fuss to make her way to the big kids.

Here she is walking and crying with sissy.

That my dear readers, is as good as it got. By the time my friends and I realized it was going to get UGLY, it was too late. We were lost in the mess of mud and dead corn. It was the longest hour of our lives.

First the crying turned to screaming. But at least she was still walking. Cuz none of us wanted to pick up the muddy baby.

Of course, the walking didn't last much longer. So I picked up the baby with muddy shoes. So now the screaming was in my hear and the mud was all over my clothes. Awesome!

Thankfully, I have some great friends who took turns lugging the 27 pound baby. Otherwise the poor dear would've had to walk some more because I can only hold her for so long.

And just to be sure that you know just how much Kayleigh hates dead corn...

She does like treats baked with pumpkin, however. We decided to reward ourselves for making it out of there.

She also enjoyed ignoring the Declaration of Independence from her stroller.

And she had a blast in the children's section. She loves to run wild in the library. She can get really out of hand there. I haven't even tried to check out a book for myself since she's been born.

Ironically, this day was the best she's ever behaved at the library. It probably helped that she had my friends' sons doting on her. LOL

A big treat for Kayleigh was playing on the computer while we were there. It's the first time I've let her on it. She sat there for a good 15 minutes, proud as a peacock.

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{lauren} said...

Fun week! Too bad about the corn maze...I've yet to find one near our home, but seeing that reaction scares me a bit! ha:) I love your "5 Little Pumpkins" picture...we just made one today ourselves with fingerprint pumpkins. Do you mind sharing about the crayons, though? Noah tends to break regular ones because he likes to get rowdy:)

Mari-Ann said...

Oh bless her little heart. She sounds so much like me son! I do my best to plan out fun activities and it never fails - he finds a better way to play with it. :)

Rebecca said...

She did some cute activities. And that is just hysterical about the corn maize! Her fear of corn is so funny and too cute!

melaniet42 said...

Oh no! We did a corn maze today with our toddler, and much to our delight, she loved it. Almost too much. She had to spend a lot of time on daddy's shoulders so we wouldn't lose her!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Love all the pictures! Your description of the corn maze was perfect! I felt like I was there! I like it when stuff like that happens because then I have something interesting to blog about! LOL! Great week!

Virginia Lee said...

Girls are sure full of drama! I do not know if we need to do the corn maze this year. After reading this post I think I'll wait till Caroline is older. =)

What kind of crayons are those? They would be great for little hands.

Susana said...

Love your color accented pictures. I always enjoy your post commentaries too. Great pictures from the corn maze:-). Actually, great pictures in the entire post.

We enjoy Usborne books and Five Little Pumpkins too.

Thank you so much for linking up!!

Lil' Ms. P said...

I love the close up of her smiling and then I kept reading and came across the close up of her sad. You totally need to save those shots for a feeling book.

{ jamie } said...

Cute photos -- even the crying ones! :)

Musical Mama said...

We tried to do a maze, too, with the munchkin, and it did not go well. Actually, it went fine until we came to a dead-end. Then she decided that was not very fun and demanded to "be done." Ha!

Erin said...

Aww who ever would have thought a corn maze would be scary? Isn't it funny how toddlers react to some things?

Susan said...

Quite a week. Funny how they can be so unpredictable. Bean Bags should be good for at least 10 minutes of alone play!


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