Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tot School

Tot School
Kayleigh is currently 19 months

We had an interesting week this week. Kayleigh was feeling particulary persnickety and that always makes for some excitement. LOL

Our theme for this month is "Fall", mainly some extras dealing with apples, pumpkins, and leaves. And I really want to focus on her colors. I hope to accomplish the latter with our much loved Mega Blocks.

She tends to be at her worst during big sis' first subject of the day, Bible. As soon as we bring out the Good Book, look out, here comes trouble. I thought I'd try giving her some "work" to do during this time. We're using Stick Figuring through the Bible for Mackenzie and Kayleigh is always trying to get into that too. So I put her at the table with her own "work". A coloring sheet pertaining to our topic.

Back to the drawing board, I guess. LOL

We tried out a a couple of new Tot Tools this week.

First I had her spooning autumn jewels into an autumn shaped ice cube tray. She really loved it the first day! She even tried to use it the manner that I had intended. Eventually she gave up on the spooning and started using her hands but I was very pleased. I think the spoon needs to wait a little longer.

By the end of the week she had her own uses for them. And they didn't include my ideas. LOL

I had a great video of her revamp but blogger isn't letting me upload it. =o(

The next thing we tried was pouring pom poms, or puffies as my girls call them, back and forth into cups. She like the puffies, she liked the cups, she had no interest in pouring them back and forth. Pouring all over the floor was great fun, however. She also spent time moving them by hand into the other cup.

We attempted lacing beads this week and they did NOT go over well at all. She made attempts for about 30 seconds and got frusterated. I tried to give her a hand which really cheesed her off. Next thing you know they're flying through the air. She didn't even want to build with them. We'll be putting those away for a while longer.

I brought out her Smart Shapes and Stackers which is one of her all-time favorite Tot School toys. She will play with this non-stop. Not only does she loves putting the pegs in the box and dumping them all over the floor, she even likes to play with them as they were intended. Very exciting! Plus we get to "learn" shapes and colors.

For her "project" this week, we made a red apple. I had her work on tearing paper again. This time I used tissue paper and she had no problems. So now I know she can tear tissue paper and books but not construction paper. =o) Then I spread glue on an apple print out and she stuck on the paper. Well, she stuck it on for a few minutes. Then the glue got on her fingers and she was horrified. End of project. LOL

Of course we had our weekly stint at The Little Gym. I brought my camera this week.

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Mommy Bear said...

I can't help but smile at the picture of when she was horrified of the glue. She is such a little cutie.

Our Little Family said...

Oh my goodness, she is SO adorable!! And, i absolutely love the word "persnickety" because it can totally describe Maddie to a T! You have some awesome activities in there. Love your blog!

Adriana said...

Cute pics at the Little Gym! I wish my boys did not like glue so much. I think that they would bathe in it if I would let them!

Mari-Ann said...

It sounds like your little one and my little one have the same temperament! LOL They're perfectionists, I guess! :)

Thanks for the link to the Smart Shapes toy - I'm going to order it for Christmas!

Virginia Lee said...

Little Gym looks really fun. Both of my kiddos would love that. Great Tot Tool ideas too.

Musical Mama said...

I love that Smart Shapes toy! Definitely going on the list of things to buy. :) She looks like she has a good time with the tumbling class. We're going to start one in January, I'm very excited about it!

Felicia said...

Sounds like a great week! She is such a cutie. I'm amazed that she even attempted to thread beads! I think Graham would look at me like.. you want me to do what? LOL!


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