Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With a Slug

That's right. I'm doing a Weekly Wrap-Up two weeks in a row. You probably shouldn't get used to this. =o)


I want to remember what Mackenzie did but it is so hard. She is very good at working independently. lol

Here's what I do know. We finished reading about William Carey and he is AWESOME. So inspiring. We were totally bummed when the book was finished. Wah.  I can't remember for the life of me what is coming up next. Oh well, that's what Homeschool Tracker is for.

We finished up our lesson on fishes. (Remember, fishes is correct because we studied more than one type of fish. lol) The experiment this week involved a live fish and we don't have one. Nor do I want one. I have enough with 2 guinea pigs, a tadpole that won't die or develop into a frog, a husband, and two kids with type one diabetes.

She's taken a break from decimals for the moment and is working on the metric system a bit. She prefers decimals.

We had a mammoth IEW lesson this week. 58 minutes long. Canadian Andy, as we lovingly call Andrew P. because our friends started calling him that and we cannot get it out of our heads, had a lot to say this week. And yes, we know he's not from Canada. While he does have a very distinctive way of speaking, he doesn't even sound Canadian to me. I'm from Detroit and I've spent a lot of time in Canada, so I'm very familiar with the accent. But we just can't get that name out of heads so here we are. But we love him and all that he says so very, very much. He's one of our two favorite video teachers. (We heart you too Mr. Demme!)

Mackenzie heard something so totally awesome during this lesson that she jumped up and hit pause because she wanted to write it down to put into her Smash Book.  What was this quotation worthy of interrupting our writing lesson, you ask?

"The slug got thorned.

What on earth? I'm sorry dear reader, you did read that correctly. The slug got thorned. It was said in an effort to make sense of one of his students suggestions but the way he said it, in his beloved Canadian Andy way, had us cracking up. For quite a while. It was the highlight of our school week. 

I guess I remembered more about this week than I thought. lol


Kayleigh was full of shenanigans and hijinx this week. Where to start, where to start...

Let's start with coloring. As you might recall she HATES it. She pretty much scribbles all over anything that requires coloring. Unless it's a gift for her music teacher Ms. Lewis. For her she'll color beautifully.

Well this week she was acting a little funny. Anything that she did this week she wanted to color on if it had a picture. She colored in every picture in her Explode the Code book, her Handwriting without Tears book, her Developing the Early Learner Book. Whether or not it was a requirement of the assignment or not.

At first I was a tad annoyed because it increased the length it took her to complete the work. But then I started thinking that maybe this would be okay and she'd do a nice job on her projects that required a little "art work." Enter her All About Reading project. She was supposed to color the K and the kite and glue on the string. I envisioned a beautifully colored page, FINALLY, to put in the book she was making with them. I wasn't even going to mind that the entire page would be colored in red and green. (She would only color the other stuff in red and green for Christmas. Maybe because our house is still decked out for Christmas? lol)  What was I thinking? Naturally she did a quick scribble and called it a day. She didn't even use red or green. Nor did she want to pose for a picture. How typically Kayleigh. Sigh.  

She loves, loves, loves to watch a show on tv without anybody bugging her. Loves it. Unless I'm working on school with Mackenzie. Then she wants to create havoc and discontent. This week she came in with her tea set and invited us to an impromptu tea party. 

I was surprised that she didn't insist on formal dress. Sadly for Mackenzie this tea was not zero carb and she had to get a shot to cover her tea. Yes, apparently at our house, even a pretend tea party is an event requiring a needle. She even offered to give Mackenzie her shot.   You might want to bear that in mind in case you're ever invited over for tea. Even I had to get a shot and I don't even have diabetes. Don't say you were never warned. lol

In other news, we were learning about simple machines this week in our Berenstain Bear Science book. Specifically, about levers. So I decided to make a simple lever with her for fun. She loved it and was really into it. 

So into it that she broke the ruler that we were using. Which wouldn't be even worth writing about except for the fact that she has broken three rulers in about six months. I wonder what she has against rulers? Rulers see Kayleigh coming and quiver with fear.  Wood, plastic...Kayleigh doesn't care. She'll take them all out. She's not picky. 

I am now the proud owner of a Fiskers flexible ruler. I feel like she won't be able to break that one. I'm sure she'll figure out a way but I'm choosing to remain hopeful. 

In other news, cheerleading has started back up and Kayleigh's joining us. That's proving to be very interesting. =o)


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Mean Mama Bear said...

I feel guilt that you linked to my sadly neglected blog....I find that perhaps I might try weekly wrapping up again....

Mean Mama Bear said...

Oh! You linked to my sadly neglected blog and I suddenly find myself thinking about blogging again...perhaps I will do a weekly wrap up next week.....hmmmm??? also the picture of Kayleigh with the kite page is hilarious!

Julie said...

Now you know you have ruined me right. Canadian Andy is going to be stuck with me Forever! I only have 11 more years to go with him! Sounds like you girls had a fun week.

Melissa said...

Fun week!! Love Kayleigh's kite picture, lol. Makes it all the more special! We are big Canadian Andy (hee hee)fans here too.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

That Smash Book is pretty cool I have to say. (Wonder if Cati would like one?)

I'm still considering MUS for Sam since nothing else makes him happy. ::sigh:: He's doing OK with random workbooks from right now. Phew! But how long will it last? ;)

The girls seem to have a positive attitude about their T1D. That's something to be thankful for!

Holly Oshesky said...

I have no idea what an IEW is, but the slug got thorned just sent me into a fit of laughter. Thanks for the comment.

Mary said...

For some reason I read that as "Candy Andy." LOL

Thanks for the tip on the Rory's Story Cubes App- it is awesome!

Bronwyn said...

Sounds like you had a great week - lots of fun. Love Kayleigh's Kite picture - reminds me of my own daughter who also hates to colour in (though she has started to enjoy drawing her own pictures now).

How does she give you a shot? Do you really let her stick needles into you or is it just pretend - wondering how daring YOU are?

Cassidy said...

I can relate to you in alot of ways. I have 2 girls Addison who is 11(12 in 27 days mom!)and in the 6th grade and Alexis who is 5(turned 5 on Jan. 2nd)and in preschool. I homeschool both girls. I also have T1D.


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