Saturday, December 29, 2012

P is for...Phone

I had a few ideas of what to write about for my P post. In the end, here I am writing about my phone. Cuz I love it. It does so many nice things for me. I should throw it a party for being so incredibly awesome.

13 Things I Love About My Phone

13) I can talk to people on it if I choose. But really I'm more of a texting type of girl. I feel like my sarcastic wit shows more in a text. ;) But at least I have options.

12) I can listen to my jams on it.

11) Nobody else has a phone cover like mine. Sorry about your luck. Not only is it a one-of-a-kind cover, it's also an exercise device because it weighs like a pound. I lift this weight all day long.

10) It has a camera that I can use in a pinch if I don't feel like lugging around my 
real, and totally awesome, camera.  As long as I'm outdoors with plenty of light any way. Not mention that Instagram is tons of fun. When I remember that I have it. lol

9) It synchs, oh so conveniently, to everything else I own. Like my Mac Book, our Mac, the iPad, iTunes, and my iTouch that I don't really use much since I got the phone. (Kayleigh claimed the iTouch as her own.)

 8) It entertains me when I am sitting at the pharmacy bored out of my mind.  My favorite games: Bejewled Blitz, Bag It!, and Where's My Water? The apps for Apple products can't be beat. I know. I had a Droid previously. (The maps on the Droid are superior though. Don't use the GPS on you iPhone. lol)

 7) I can check myself in on Facebook so you all know what I'm up to. I know how much you care.

 6) I can check the weather, well, every where!! It makes me happy to know that the weather is nice here and snowy in Michigan.

 5) FaceTime is the bomb. Superior video calling device. As a military wife, I've used every video chat known to man and FaceTime is the clearest with the least issues. Even all the way to Iraq. And I hear that you might be able to load it on to a PC these days but that might be a rumor. But worth a looksie if you are in need of video chatting.

 4) I've been wearing out the calculator ever since I both of my kids got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

 3) Texting, I love it. Not only can conversations with more than one of my besties at the same time, I can't be accused of not having said something because I have it in print. Ha!! (Of course, sometimes that works to my disadvantage too. lol)  Plus I can send pictures. And my throat doesn't get sore from too much talking. I need to save my voice for all of the reading I do in my homeschool. We are Sonlighters you know.

 2) It is an integral part of my diabetes management plan when I'm on the go.

1) The calendar feature is my brain. If it's not in my phone, I'm probably not going to do it. Writing things down on a calendar is useless to me. I'll write it and then never, ever, ever, ever (thank you taylor swift) ever look at it again. But my phone beeps at me. Loudly. And so does my Mac Book and the iPad. The beeping means there's at 70-75% chance that I'll actually get stuff accomplished. Woot!! And it reminds my daughter to do her chores, which she hates. Double win!!

And yes, I had to add in my daughters' nightly insulin injections because sometimes I forget. Not anymore baby!!!

So yeah, I really like my phone.  And as long as I'm still on P... I'm really Proud of myself for getting this post up before the linky went up. You know, instead of on the last day. =o)



Mary said...

I love my phone too - I need to learn how to work the calendar!

Cristi said...

I'm usually a new-day type of poster for the blogging through the alphabet. I have an iPod touch but I quit using the calendar on it b/c I too often have to pry it from my daughter's hands in order to enter appointments.

Marcy Crabtree said...

I don't have a smart phone to love, but I do most all of this with the combo of my dumb phone and ipad.

I do, however, love your post.

Super creative :) And I'm proud of you for linking up on DAY ONE!

Chareen said...

I love my Samsung Galaxy II it's the first smart phone I've owned and my favourite apps are Instagram and Whatsapp

Stopping by from the comment club ;)

Karyn Tripp said...

Very cute post. Still wishing for a smart phone to love...

Meg said...

I never felt I needed a smart phone. A camera was edgy enough. Then I got a Palm Phone many, many years ago. Gateway. Now I have an iPhone and I will never go back. Except for a calendar...I still need paper. Just can't make that leap.

Kelli Becton said...

I love my p-fone too :) Happy new year!


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