Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Semi-Spring Break part 2

Seeing as it was just Easter, we took another semi-Spring Break.  Review items only.  For Kayleigh it was huge because she's not involved in any of our current reviews.  Even Mackenzie got lucky.  She only had two to work on.  I had to work on those with her and write three others.  Figures. lol

So the kids mostly loafed around while I wrote reviews.  Some days there was no need to get dressed.  And we did a few fun things.

We hung at the library and went to the "small zoo" one day.  The small zoo is what Kayleigh calls one of the local pet shops. lol  They have a ton of interesting creatures besides the normal pets.  We're going again next week because they're getting a shipment of hedge hogs and we want to pet one.

With all the warm weather this year, strawberry season came early.  So we headed down to our favorite farm and picked two buckets of berries.  We're been eating and baking ever since.  Or really baking and eating.  We'll go again at least once more.

Kayleigh's dance class was the only preplanned activity this week. Art and piano were on hiatus for spring break.  Mackenzie's been practicing like mad on her recital pieces.  She gets to play two pieces this year and one of them is three pages long.  She's so excited!!  Kayleigh raided her dress up bin and went to dance class as a lady bug this week.  Here's a really bad phone shot through the class.  You can still tell she's cute though. LOL

Today we were supposed to go the dollar show with a friend and see that new Disney movie based on The Borrowers book. (I can never remember the long name.)  But it was cancelled.  Boooooooo!!!  So we went to the park for a bit. That was extra fun because we ran into an old friend that we knew in Guam.  We haven't been very good at getting together since we both moved back here. LOL  But they'll be really close to our new house.  Mackenzie and my friends oldest have both been lived in Guam but not the "babies."  Notice that my friends oldest is barely bigger than my baby.  And she's a good 2 years older than Kayleigh.

In other news, our house is really coming along.  We went out there last night, (2 days earlier than we promised ourselves we would lol),
and boy did it look different. We were expecting to see some framing.

It had a first floor and walls.  With window and door holes.  And dudes working on it and everything.  Of course we had to talk to them.  They said the roof would be on by Monday.  Wow!!!  It's a darned shame that we're still not moving in 'til October.

I have to admit I was a tad disappointed that I didn't get a shot of just the framing.  I've started a scrap book of the build and that was going to be a critical layout.  I might have to start going out there twice a week so my book can be accurate.  Seriously!  Maybe the realtor took one.  She likes to take pics of progress to put on their FB page.  I take waaaay more pictures than her.  Waaay more.  lol

Some how the builder found something of his that I pinned on pinterest and commented.  I was really excited because another key layout for my scrapbook will be a shoot of me and the crew.  I was wondering how I was going to work that out since we're not supposed to "harass the workers."  (It's like they knew who they were dealing with when they made those papers. LOL)  Now I've got my in.  Woot!  At any rate, enjoy the off-center, cell phone picture of my walls.  I did get pics with my real camera but I haven't gotten them off my memory card.

And since I've posted nothing but cell phone pictures for you today, here's one more of the girls in their Easter finery.  Peace out!



Krista said...

Here I am posting on your blog. I hope you are happy. You have a lot of time on your hands...tell the giggly girls that I love them.

Joelle A. said...

We took a break over Easter too and went to our local zoo as well 2 weeks ago thursday.

The boys certainly enjoyed their break.

Mary said...

How exciting! When we built our house, we weren't even living in the state, but my dear Grandfather went every two days to take pictures. If I click through them really fast I can watch the house be built in minutes. So excited for you!

Wonder Mom said...

Oh, how I DO enjoy a Pajama day! What a lovely, laid-back week you had...


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