Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With a Field Trip

This wrap-up will kind of be a twofer since I was so worked up by Winter Promise’s justification of their shoddy and error-ridden product that I didn’t get around to last week’s post.  So some of this actually happened last week.


We are just LOVING Remembering God’s Awesome Acts.  Last week we there was an awesome lesson about creation vs. evolution.   The gist of this particular lesson was how much guesswork scientists use when coming up with their theories.  They used thDSC_0249ae various Neanderthal models that scientists created.  Using the same skull as the base for their model, seven different scientists came up with seven vary different Neanderthal models.                         Wow!


Math is getting a little wonky.  I have review of a math program coming up so we’ve had to put our Math-U-See on hold.  Our last MUS lesson was on using the rule of four to create equivalent fractions.    She took to it like a duck to water.

Then we started the “new math” and that wasn’t as pleasant. LOL


We finished up our unit on muscles and started the digestive system.  Lots of experiments.  Shew!!

We are attempted to grow a muscle by working.   Our fingerDSC_0262a muscles to be exact.  By working it with a clothespin.  She was able to work it 120 in one minute.  We’ll see how she progresses in two weeks.




Next we were testing the effect of acid on our teeth with the DSC_0340aaid of some soda and a tooth.  We didn’t have any teeth lying around the house but our super, fabulous, experiment saving science kit from Nature’s Workshop, came with a tooth from a water buffalo.  I LOVE these kits.  We’d never get any experiments done if we didn’t have these kits.  I’m lazy like that.  We have have to check it every few days so we’ll keep you posted.

While talking about chemical digestion we learned about amylase, an enzyme in your saliva that breaks down DSC_0285astarches.   This was a very technical test.  Place something starchy, like the cracker that came in our lab kit, on your tongue and observe what happens.   It starts dissolving as the starch is broken down into sugar.  We also did the same thing with a piece of cheese to show that this only works with  food that is starchy.  Naturally, nothing happened with the cheese until she chewed and swallowed.  And just a fun fact…did you know that without the moisture of the saliva, your taste buds wouldn’t work at all?  I didn’t.  Who knew?

DSC_0347aWe simulated our stomach in action using a ziplock bag, bread, and water.  You can probably figure out how that one works.  LOL

And, btw, that churned up glop  is called chyme.  Which rhymes with time. I wonder who got to pick that name.

Social Studies

We finished up our study on the Pacific Islands.  We read a book called Torches of Joy which is the story of missionaries, John and Helen Dekker, and their work with the Dani people of New Guinea.  Wonderful book!

Mackenzie finished her Choose Your Own AdventureCYA Paradise Resort_edited-1 project for Eastern Hemisphere Explorer project.  She choose to design an island resort according to certain guidelines.  She did a good job.

And boy is she LOVING EHE. I’ve heard horror stories about how difficult this project can be and it takes hours but she hasn’t had any difficulty at all.  It’s never taken her more than 20 minutes.  Maybe it’s just the honeymoon period. 

We started praying over various cities that we are learning about in Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window.   The whole idea of the 10/40 window blows our minds.  97% of the worlds unevangelized in this one small area of the world. Wow.

Other Stuff

We studied Bach this week in A Young Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers.  What’s not to love about Bach?  Or about the guide.  I just love how easy it’s made our composer study.

We finished lesson 6 in Visual Latin.  This week we covered adjectives.  Last week is was declensions. 

Soccer has been keeping us busy.  I have some pictures but they’re still in RAW format so you can’t see them yet.

And lastly, we hit the local children’s museum.  Super fun!  We’re going back next week because we want to explore more.   We saw a wonderful show in the planetarium about the telescope. 

We had fun messing with some unusual musical instruments.  Boy was that room LOUD.

Childrens Museum-28






What’s more fun than giant bubbles? I can’t think of  anything either.Childrens Museum-40


We checked out levers.

Childrens Museum-53



And pulleys Childrens Museum-54

And we had fun in this awesome theater area.  Did I mention we want to go back next week?

Childrens Museum-74

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Mary said...

Looks like a lot of fun was being had!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

You always do such great stuff! Anatomy looks really fun! I might do that with Cati and Sam next year, but not sure yet.

A Dusty Frame said...

Cool;) We just did the rule of 4 in MUS this week. Also you must be doing Apologia anatomy? We did that last year--love Apologia:)
TOS crew

Sarah said...

Love seeing the wrap up - I'm thinking of doing this myself. I've never actually made social studies a subject of it's own, but maybe I should?

Over from the crew

marymakesmusic said...

Hi! Thanks for linking your blog with Three Thinking Mothers... noticed you did that this weekend! We appreciate you!

Blossom said...

Love all the photos you include! Sounds like it was a good week (come to think of it, most of your weeks sound good ;).
Hope your weekend has been good as well. Next week we have OFF of school! YAY! :D

Jennifer said...

The bubbles do look fun. Looks like another great week at your house.

Kympossible said...

I wish I'd known you would be doing Remembering God's Awesome Acts - I've been trying to sell my copy. LOL

PrairieJenn said...

What a fantastic week:) Awesome field trip!

Abby said...

What a fantastic week! We are also using Apologia's Anatomy & Physiology. I think you are farther along than we are. I love the kit. It was worth every. single. penny.

I'd like to share the Versatile Blogger Award with you!

Amy said...

I have giggly girls also. I see that Abby has given you the Versatile Blogger award. I have you one my list for the award to. Thanks for sharing.


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