Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Wits and Wagers Family, North Star Games

We were recently given the opportunity to review a really fun game called Wits and Wagers Family by North Star Games.  It's a simplified, family-friendly version of their award winning Wits and Wagers.

How to Play:

The game is for 3 players and up so we invited our good friends over for a little fun.

One player reads one of 300 family friendly questions.  All players then write their best guess to the question on their mini whiteboard.  The boards are arranged from lowest to highest and each player is to place their meeples, super cute playing pieces popular in Europe,  on the guess that they feel is the closest to the right answer.  You can split up your meeples and chose to answers.  Scoring is then based on who wrote the correct guess and where each players meeples were placed. 

There are questions for every type of player.  They cover sports, trivia, cereal,  math, popular fads.  You might not have a clue about one but there will be one for you.

Webkinz?  What do I know about Webkinz?

You keep score on this handy, dandy score card.  It's also fun to pose with when you win. First player to reach 15 points is the winner.

Win or lose, it's a lot of laughs.  


Ages: 8 and up
# of Players: 3 and up
Purchase: Wits and Wagers Family is available at many local retailers including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.   Amazon is currently selling it for $15.23.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this game for review as part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew.  All opinions are my own.  Click the banner for more reviews of North Star products.

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Ha ha! LOVE your friends helping out! What a riot!


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