Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tot School: Lots Going on

Kayleigh is 39 months old

This is two posts in one since I was too busy last weekend to get on the computer.  It worked out well because between the two weeks I have enough for one post. LOL

We worked on the letter Qq and on the new Dora Tot Pack from 1+1+1=1.  Through in a road trip, her first dance class, and a visit from Grandpa and you have our last two weeks.

We're still working on name recognition.  She is loving the name stamp pages from 1+1+1=1

She played with our foam ABC blocks.  We worked on letter and number recognition while we built.  She always likes to stack these by color.

We sorted big and little Qs from COAH.

She also did some letter matching from COAH.

She asked to stamp her name again.

 She practiced cutting paint samples that I picked up from the store.

She did a coloring matching quilt puzzle from COAH.

And she colored some printables from her ABC mouse lessons.

She spent a lot of time playing with her new See & Spell set from Melissa and Doug.  She just loved this.

We worked on the Dora Tot Pack from 1+1+1=1.  Here she is coloring the color book with her Crayola Slick Stix.

Dot painted a Dora picture.

Also the letter D.

We worked on shapes with this printable.  I'd call out a shape and a color and she'd stamp that shape with the appropriate color.

We played a color matching memory game.

Played on ABC Mouse.  She loves, loves, loves this site.

Stacking pegs are always a hit with both of the girls.

We got our ice cream sensory bin.  A huge favorite.

We used pattern blocks to make a quilt square.  The pattern came from COAH.

She got to witness the killing of our grass weeds, a sprinkler system installed, a fence built, and the laying of sod.

We went on a shopping trip to IKEA for some shelves for big sissy's room.  And Kayleigh wound up with a new big girl bed.

Check that out.  Cool!  She loves it and has been napping better.  Woot!

We took a road trip to see my niece who was in town (sort of) and we got to visit the Natural Bridge.

Lots of scenic overlooks while driving across the state.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful!

Posing in front of the Natural Bridge with their cousin.   You actually have to drive over it to get to it.

There was an Indian village along the trail.

She tried to catch tadpoles.  That was surprising because she usually runs screaming from bugs and other living creatures. LOL

A box of rocks!!  Kayleigh was in heaven.

She tried out a dance class at the Little Gym.  She was sooooo excited!  She'll be starting the dance class after the current semester ends.  Sorry about the pictures being so blurry I was shooting with my phone through class.

A little carnival came to a nearby park.  She rode her first ferris wheel. 

She won herself a pink bouncy ball.

And my dad and step mom were in town so she got to hang with Grandpa and Grandma.  I love this picture because she's pouting.  She decided that sissy's prize was better than the ball she choose. ROFL  So Kayleigh...

And that was our last two weeks.  Shew!!

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Kayleigh does such fun, hands-on stuff! How long does she take to complete "school"? Busch Gardens looks like a blast, although we're not amusement park people.


The Fifth Street Mama said...

What a busy week! I totally need to score that name stamping WS. We have the see and spell too! Great toy!

Ewa said...

Looks like Kayleigh had a very busy week ;-) Great activities

My Boys have the same Ikea bed and they just love it.

Hugs from Poland

Fiona said...

What fun activities-love the sensory bin. She is fab doing the worksheets n that-I would struggle to get my son of the same age to do that! Love the new bed-I adore Ikea- we have one near where we live!

Erin said...

Oh I love the ice cream sensory bin!!! My boys would go crazy over that!!

Looks like you've had a busy few weeks!!

Julie said...

Love the ice cream sensory bin and that bed looks awesome! I've sadly never been to an Ikea :( Thanks for the ABCMouse recommendation. I'll have to check that out!


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