Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Printables

Kayleigh has been enjoying our fall theme and I thought I'd share a couple of her favorite activities a little early this week. In case your tot might like to use them too.

First is a series of printable games involving Kayleigh's favorite veggie, candy corn. Grab a bag of the Autumn candy mix and have at it. We've got patterning, graphing, sorting, and a grid game. Lots of fun, as long as you can keep the kiddies from eating the pieces before they play.

Next up is a fall grid game. All you need is to print the grid (click the picture), a die, and some markers.


1 comment:

Dustine said...

we're going to India this week too. I think the videos are well done. Great to hear Sonlight working well for another family. I'm doing it with my 13 &10yr olds this year and plan to continue next year with new cores and add in my two littles so again great to hear it working well for another hs family.
Have a great weekend. :)


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