Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello fellow bloggers. Hope all is going well. I am still around but have no time for blogging since the hubby came home. I'm ignoring the clutter on my desk to post this.

Our Christmas was nice. We also popped in to see family in Michigan the day after Christmas. We were hoping for lots of snow but barely got a dusting. We went sledding down the dust and frozen mud anyhow. LOL

I have photos but they're not even off my camera yet. Nor are the ones from Christmas. Photography is another reason why I haven't been blogging. I am backlogged on photo-editing. Way behind. So when I have a few minutes to myself (which almost never happens) I generally choose to edit photos so I can get caught up. I'd better hurry because birthday season has arrived in our house. That's more pictures to get me behind.

Enough of my excuses, on with the Wrap-Up.


Last week our topic was Jesus Taught. We covered some of the "biggie lessons" that he spoke of during his ministry. It was nice that Mackenzie's lesson at church this week fit right in with what we had just covered.


She's still working on multiplication. I think she did the 4's last week. At any rate, I just graded her test and she aced it. So that's good.


We just finished our brief study on birds. We ended the study with owls and dissected owl pellets. When I say we, I mean Mackenzie and her father dissected owl pellets. Not for me. They found a mouse skull in there so that was neat. I have pictures but...guess what? They're still on my camera. (I'm only up to Thanksgiving in my editing. )

Social Studies:

Our favorite subject. We're almost up to the American Revolution. We're loving our studies. Mackenzie was thrilled with Ben Franklin and now she's loving Paul Revere. (I'm particularly glad she enjoyed Ben because guess who she's writing her first EVER mini-report on?) We even found King George interesting.

We're reading Johnny Tremaine for our read aloud and, naturally, we love it. So much excitement and it reinforces what we're learning about that time period so nicely. Mackenzie is reading Mr. Revere and I as her reader. She is enjoying reading about him through the view point of his house. So much that she wants me to find Mr. Franklin and I at the store because she saw it in the back of the book. LOL

Lastly, we finished our Life in Plymouth Colony history pocket too. We did a lot of fun projects. Sorry, you'll have to wait for the photos. =o)

We're still working on our Native American pockets for the remainder of the year. We did our Iroquois pocket last week.

Language Arts:

Well you already know what we're reading so I guess we'll talk a little about grammar. We're still plugging away at diagramming sentences with the focus being on direct objects. I love how First Language Lessons is so easy to use.


Tis the busy season. Extra busy. We're in the middle of cookie season for brownies. I have hated cookies season since I was a child. I was so shy back then that it was torture. LOL

Plus our leader has been out of town for months, dealing with a family emergency. So add planning Brownie meetings to my list of reasons why the blog is ignored. LOL

Also cheerleading and basketball have started up. Usually Mackenzie only does cheer but this year I convinced her to try basketball too. Actually I tried to convince her to only do basketball but that didn't work out. LOL (Not to mention, guess who somehow wound up as the cheer coach? Add that to my list.)

Mackenzie is LOVING basketball. And they even won their first game. No thanks to Kenzie. LOL

Cheering is going well, considering the coach. Youtube is my new best friend. =o)

And that is our week. Check out what the other homeschools are doing over at Kris'.


Wonder Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- tell your girlie that my kiddos were all over those doughnut snowmen too!

P.S. I've seen this idea turned into a drink at this site:

Hope this helps get you all into a snowy mood!

Thrifty Girl said...

Wow! You have a beautiful blog!

I run a grammar website devoted to sentence diagramming, and I just wanted to let you know about the site in case you need any more resources. It's full of free lessons and exercises.

:) Best,

Loving Our Homeschool said...

We disected owl pellets last year. I had forgotten how bad they could smell! After we got past that, we found it really fun to find all of the bones. :o)


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