Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up: Back to Business

We are back from our trip to North Carolina. Land of mosquitos who love to bite us!

We had a nice visit with my dad and his wife. Plus my sister and her family drove down from Michigan.

I know I said that I was going to do some school buuutttt....we didn't. LOL We just relaxed and had fun. Although we did see A LOT of nature, as grandpa lives in the boonies, so I'm counting it as science! LOL

So this week it was back to business as usual...

She reviewed skip counting in math. So the week's work took all of 10 minutes. LOL

In history we are studying Columbus and Native Americans. We're reading Pedro's Journal at the moment and it is really interesting. It's a fictional account of Columbus' journey from the point of view of the ships boy. It's really interesting. Mackenzie was properly horrified with the way the Europeans just showed up and stole the land and the people.

We are also working on a history pocket on Columbus. So far she's made a "compass", a letter requesting employment as an artist on Columbus' ship, and made a map of his routes.

We're reading The American Indian Prayer Guide and Vostaas: White Buffalo's Story of Plains Indian Life. The more we read, the more she says she feels ashamed about how "we" treated the native Americans. It's sweet that she's so moved. And of course she's right, it was definately a blight on our history.

We just finished our first read aloud, Walk the World's Rim. FABULOUS!!! It starts slow but boy does it get good.

In science we're studying the body. There was an experiment on digestion involving jello but, as none of us enjoy jello, we opted to just watch the experiment on the dvd. One more reason I LOVE Sonlight.

We also had time for some fun stuff. We went to the water park twice, took an impromptu "field trip" to Krispy Kreme with friends, and went to an open house at The Little Gym.

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Hope you all had a great week!


Cheryl - Somewhat Crunchy said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! And it sounds like a great week back.

Native American culture is a big interest of mine! We skipped the NA Prayer Guide though when we had it...I just didn't care for it. How about you?

Paige said...

Gotta love Krispy Kreme when the Hot, Fresh, Now light is on! Looks like you guys had a good week, thanks for sharing.

Erica said...

Haha, love the field trip to Krispy Cream :)

Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

Mmmmm...Krispy Kreme. That sounds really good right now.

Sounds like y'all had a great week! I always thought those history pockets sounded like fun.

AF Wife99 said...

Mmmmm, forbidden Krispy Kreme donuts. Yummy! I love homeschooling!!! If you decide we aren't going to do school today, who cares! Looks like lots of fun there.

Joesette said...

Oh the beloved "Hot Now" sign at Krispy of my fondest memories of trips to NC!! Glad you had a good week!

joelle said...

Sounds like a nice, busy, relaxing week. Hope it is not hard getting back to the old routine . . . Thanks for stopping by.

Amy said...

For what age would you say Walk the World's Rim is appropriate?

Sounds like a great week!


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