Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tt School: Rr is for Rainbow

Kayleigh is 40 months old

This week was a very light week.  Kayleigh only wanted to do school twice.  But we did have a fun trip to the water park.

This week we finally tried out our education cubes.  We used the Alphabet Activity inserts.  Kayleigh would roll the cube, tell me the letter, and then do the action on the cube.  She LOVED this!!

B is for Balance on one leg

She did the rainbow puzzle from COAH. 

She was teaching me Big R and little r with a pointer.  It's all clear to me now.  

The she sorted Big R and Little r herself.  Also from COAH. 

She colored a rainbow from COAH with her pip squeak markers.  And by colored I mean scribbled.  

We got out our Education Cubes again and used the number inserts this time.  We read Mouse Paint and then played Mouse Paint Roll & Color using a printable from Making Learning fun.  We used our Crayola No-Drip Watercolors for painting fun without the mess.  The best of both worlds

She arranged the Rainbows by size.  From COAH.

We read a book with raindrops.  Her choice.

And she did the rainbow letter match from COAH.  She just loves the letter match activities.

And we had a fun visit to the water park.

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Education Cubes


Julie said...

Love the education cubes activity! I bet my little guy would really like that.

Mama Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing your Education Cubes idea! Could I feature your idea on the blog? I would use one or two of your photos and link back to your site. Please let me know your thoughts! ;-)

Mama Jenn said...

Hi Stefanie! I feel super silly, but I wanted to ask you AGAIN if I could feature your idea on the Education Cubes blog? I cannot remember if you gave me permission or not. Please forgive my scattered brain!


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